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I'm very surprised, um, proud to be introducing this special guest contributor to my blog! This is Johnson Pinecone. Believe it or not, he was this really geeky kid in my class - I mean absolutely, shockingly, definitively geeky with a capital GEEK. He wasn't someone you simply ignored. He was utterly nonexistent. I KNOW!!!! Unimaginable (well, for me, anyway. Can't speak for you, but that's why you're here, right?). Anyway, I only became aware of him when he started to pester (*Editor's note: I'm trying to introduce new words to Jeri's vocabulary. And yours, no offense) me on the bus to school with stupid hand-made junk and lame attempts at conversation. This went on and on and on. T

How to Jeri . . .

Hi fans, acolytes, and wannabes! Welcome back to my read-it-first blog. I'll be covering lots of cool topics and stuff, like Don't Try to Change the World Without These Must-Have Shoes and Toxic Masculinity: Is Your Boyfriend's Body Spray Super Gross? Five Steps to Clearing the Air. But today I'd like to introduce some of the people who will be contributing from time to time to the Jerisphere as guests experts: First up: This is my little sister, Teena. She's in Fifth Grade and will be offering her perspective on sibling issues with a special focus on how to deal with envy and resentment - her particular area of expertise. Oh, and as editor of this blog, she will ocassionally weigh in on

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