Hot: An Exploration

I'm honored to be sitting in as a guest contributor today while Jeri is out in the field doing research for her next blog: Swimming at My Boyfriend's House and Lazing Around Getting Tan While Other People Do My Work For Me. Since today is the first day of what will be a scorching week-long heat wave here in lovely Burnell, New Hampshire, I thought it would be the ideal time to examine the word "hot", and its various meanings. Here's one way to look at it: The dictionary definition of hot is: 1. (adj.) Having or giving off heat; capable of burning. 2. (adj.) Being at a high temperature. But, obviously, our language is rich with synonyms that go well beyond that basic interpretation, which w

Babysitting Tip #1

It's not all about the baby. Let's be honest: The parents are really just interested in getting someone to take the kid(s) off their hands for a few hours and have it be socially acceptable. How that got to mean it was okay to hire unexperienced children who aren't eligible for real jobs serving burgers or bagging groceries is an exercise in shoulder shrugging, and not my problem. I get anywhere from $7 to $10 and hour just to watch TV; the parents usually put the baby to bed before I even get there. I should market myself like those alarm systems you hear about. Hey, I can pick up a phone and call 911 - and I'm actually there in the house and not a call center in Mumbai. What, then, does

When Your Sister's Friends are Freaks

Aren't they all? I honestly don't know why this seems to be some sort of universal truth. I mean, my friends aren't freaks. Sure, they're not in my league (who is?), but they're cool enough for me to hang out with, so that's quite an endorsement, and one I know they're very, very proud of. These are my two besties, Kim and Tracy. Kim's the one with the beads in her hair (look, she does what she can with that mop. Let's give her some credit). And Tracy's the chubby one, which means she never, ever tries to borrow my clothes. The thing I love about these two guys is how much they admire and envy me. It makes for a genuinely satisfying relationship, one that is practically effortless - on

Jeri on Politics

So. I was looking around for interesting blog subjects, just to get my feet wet and give you a little taste of my range of interests. Am I interested in politics? I really wasn't, but, as it turns out, I have an uncanny instinct for it: And check it out: This was before the 2016 election: This didn't happen, obviously, but I like the sound of First Lady Jeri! MAJA! Make America Jeri Already!!!!!

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