How to Jeri . . .

May 30, 2018





[big sigh]  

 Welcome to my blog.

I know.  Where have I been? What took me so long? 


Well, first, it's none of your business, but I appreciate your needy desperation.  Makes perfect sense.  

After all, you've been spending shocking amounts of time looking for ways to fill the hole I left. Who could blame you? Well, besides, me, of course.  We'll be discussing that.


Fact is, I became aware that [shudder], average people were sharing (ugh) beauty tips, posting about their little lives, making that stupid kissy face in every picture . . . Frankly, someone had to step in.  


And the truth is - this is going to hurt - I thought "Why be bothered?  No matter what I say, no matter how much of me I give, you're still going to be . . . you.



With my guidance, you can be a better you, a Jerier you!  Isn't that why you spend hours reading blogs and watching vids and posting carefully-posed images of yourself all over the cyber verse?

So you can appear to be something you're not?  


The question is:

Why are you not being like them when you could not be like me?


Fix it!


Click here each day for my thoughts on everything from beauty, body, fashion, and health to school, siblings, and stuff I like/hate (see siblings, above).


Thus, I invite you to Legendjeri!  


Let the Jeriation begin!




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