How to Jeri . . .

Hi fans, acolytes, and wannabes! Welcome back to my read-it-first blog.

I'll be covering lots of cool topics and stuff, like Don't Try to Change the World Without These

Must-Have Shoes and Toxic Masculinity: Is Your Boyfriend's Body Spray Super Gross? Five Steps to Clearing the Air. But today I'd like to introduce some of the people who will be contributing from time to time to the Jerisphere as guests experts:

First up:

This is my little sister, Teena. She's in Fifth Grade and will be offering her perspective on sibling issues with a special focus on how to deal with envy and resentment - her particular area of expertise. Oh, and as editor of this blog, she will ocassionally weigh in on things that interest her (Sorry. It was that or pay her. With money. So just skip it or suck it up. Anyway, you might be able to use some of whatever she says to deal with your own lame brother or sister).

And I'm happy to have her!

*Editors note:

When Jeri was three, she ate her boogers until our mom told her she was eating pieces of her brain.


*Editor's note:

QED. Quod erat demonstrandum. "Which was to be demonstrated". But she's getting there. Felix culpa. Oh, look it up.

She also specializes in really weird stuff like ^^^^^^^^^^.

Next up:

You'll meet another valuable contributor - someone whose insights may help you understand the guy you're torturing - er, going out with. (If you're not making him miserable, you're doing it wrong. Prepare to take notes).

Today's Jeriscope:

You are exceptionally brilliant at looking for and finding perfect sources of guidance and intelligence, and you can't wait to share your good fortune with all of your friends and acquaintances. Also, stop chewing your cuticles.

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