When Your Sister's Friends are Freaks

Aren't they all?

I honestly don't know why this seems to be some sort of universal truth. I mean, my friends aren't freaks. Sure, they're not in my league (who is?), but they're cool enough for me to hang out with, so that's quite an endorsement, and one I know they're very, very proud of.

These are my two besties, Kim and Tracy. Kim's the one with the beads in her hair (look, she does what she can with that mop. Let's give her some credit). And Tracy's the chubby one, which means she never, ever tries to borrow my clothes.

The thing I love about these two guys is how much they admire and envy me. It makes for a genuinely satisfying relationship, one that is practically effortless - on my part. They really work at it, bless 'em.

I'll post more about Kim and Tracy in future blogs. Right now, though, I'll introduce you to the chief freak in my sister Teena's life. I think this is a good place to start:


More on this tomorrow!

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